TMG offers an intelligent template system where you can merge customer- and sales information into your emails. This makes it easy and efficient to send offers and information using email.

Use advanced merge to create your emails

TMG allows you to easily build templates which create emails and automatically merge information from the order as data is entered into the customer card. These can be sent to the customer as regular emails or as merged text documents attached to emails, depending on your need! The system can create PDF, Word, and HTML documents.

TMG makes it easy to send offers

When using templates and the option to merge information, it becomes especially easy to send offers, since the system automatically inserts the relevant information from the customer card into the offer text. By doing this, you do not have to spend time on manual corrections and adjustments before sending the email. With the offer you can also include as many attachments as required. 


  • Send the offer at the same time as you are talking to the customer.
  • Send information directly from the TMG customer card.
  • Use your order confirmation email as a marketing tool for future purchases by offering new products.
  • Get a full overview of if and when the customer opens the email.
  • Use bulk email to send campaigns to selected segments of our customer base.
  • Receive verification through email or SMS.
Save time and effort using bulk email

Add a calling list containing email addresses and send bulk emails before a campaign starts. Then you can call the customers who have responded to the email only, instead of spending your time on those who are not interested anyway

Use landing pages for effective verification

TMG can generate a landing page automatically for order verification and confirmation. The page can be connected to an email or SMS which is sent to customer for review and verification. It is also easy to set up automatic processes, so that when a verification is received, the system can, for example, immediately send a new email with a right of withdrawal form. The landing page can also be used to collect information which is automatically saved in the order.


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